Definition of a huggleslut:

huggleslut (hUbrevegPrimeSchwal slUbrevet)


Someone who enjoys huggling; a person who huggles without discrimination.

A huggle is a hug given with meaning. A truly affectionate hug. A hug that is neither limp nor cold-hearted; a warm, friendly hug.

This website is here to honour the huggleslut. Here I, the resident huggleslut, hand out huggles freely; I don't care who you are – everyone deserves at least one huggle in their lifetime. Throughout my travels on the internet I have come to understand that barely anyone ever refuses a huggle, and that a huggle given to those in need is usually welcomed and cherished.

Kyo from Fruits Basket (Well – I didn't say everyone!)

So, I hope that you may leave this site with a greater understanding of what a huggleslut is – perhaps you may even become a huggleslut yourself! Either way, don't forget your free huggle!

Love, the Chief Huggleslut.

In my experiences as a forumer, I have seen many an utterly cute image posted. Here are some of those images for you. I can't take any credit for them and I have no idea who they originally belong to; if you recognise them as yours, please do either inform me via my main site so that I may give credit, or if you would rather they were not posted, I shall happily take them down.

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